A little explanation:

«On se comprend.» (or, "We understand each other.") consists of a window with 8 frames, each containing 12 sentences.
Each sentence is translated into 8 languages (English, Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and French) and corresponds to a site hosting the project. Each site's homepage appears in the center frame after clicking on the last of the 12 sentences.

In its actual state, «On se comprend.» is not yet finished. It is still missing certain translations corresponding to the language of the target host sites.

However you may already experiment with the project by following the links inside each frame (including those which are not yet translated) in order to lighten the background color and reveal the sites contacted as hosts of «On se comprend.». Little by little, as you make your way toward the end, you will discover its internal mechanism.

The proposal of «On se comprend.» is to use the translations in 8 languages on the Internet to manifest the proximity of our cultures and the links which reunite us.

Without giving in to the spectacular, this project emphasizes the hypertextual reality of the Web by offering 8 different points of access geographically spread out across the globe. «On se comprend.» is like a game which is illuminated by contact with others.

Antoine Moreau
CICV, July, 1996.

«On se

we understand your reactions

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